Редактор ботов Вконтакте и telegram

The English version is in development

briefly about the vk autoresponder capabilities:

The IDR bot operator is an interactive autoresponder (bot). It is designed to answer frequently asked questions of users, to save time for users and community moderators.

When users ask questions that are not in the database of the autoresponder, the bot instantly notifies the creator of the dialogue about the problem.

The bot can attach images and audio files to the message.

The history of the correspondence between the bot and users is available in the dialog settings.

The example of an autoresponder:

To test VK-operator:
  1. Go to the VK-profile of our operator Dina operator (vk.com/id369333608)
  2. Add an autoresponder as a friend
  3. Wait for the reciprocal addition to the friends (no more than 3 minutes)
  4. Start a dialogue with the phrase: Ди id234549546
  5. Wait for the answer (usually no more than 2 minutes).
Working with web pages, the result of working with the dialog editor is an interactive menu with media attachments into your web page.

Demo examples of embedding menus

In order to create a dialogue it is enough to the project through the social network Vkontakte. The system will automatically create a dialogue for vk 1 and 1 for use on websites, which can be seen in the "Dialogs" tab.
After the creation it makes sense to rename dialogs by going into their settings (the gear icon opposite the name of the dialog).

After selecting the dialog, you will see that the "Commands" tab * will change its name according to the name of the dialog and will open, providing access to the editing of commands.

Already after the creation of the first command you can try to begin the dialogue with the bot.
To try the dialogue with the bot, you need to find out which bot the system provided to you. To do this, go to the dialog settings (the gear icon opposite the name of each dialog). They will contain information about the bot profile (link) and the command that the subscriber should send to the bot (for example, your client) to start the dialogue. Typically, this command begins with the keyword Ди, followed by the id of the user who created the dialog. For example:
Ди id234549546

Placing an autoresponder on Vkontakte:

It is assumed that your dialogue has at least one created Command.
  • To place an autoresponder in the community, it is enough to add an operator in the contacts of your community with a note, for example "Write me: Ди id1234567", where 1234567 is the id of the autoresponders creator (probably you). You can also refer to the fact that the community has its bot in a fixed entry or description of the community.
To do this, go to your community, follow the instructions on the pictures:

, where 1234567 on the last picture
you need to replace it with your Vkontakte id.
  • If you want to make an autoresponder for your page - after creating the dialogue scheme, refer, for example, to the operator in a fixed page or in a separate post with a note how to activate the dialog. It will be something like "Write to Yevdakim: Ди id1234567", where 1234567 is the id of user that created the autoresponder (probably you).
For web sites:
The created dialog can also be used as an additional menu for your site. Examples of codes for insertion are presented above.

* Command - it is a system term that means a menu item for site type dialogs. For vk type dialogs it is a word or a word combination that the user should send to get a reply message. In the reply message the operator (bot) writes that the command is activated, adds a description to the command and media attachments, and gets access to the command (or more precisely, to the menu item), announcing the list of the available commands (points) inside the newly activated point (command).
Also, to the list of available commands, the bot will add the "Back" command, which will move (in the case of its selection) the user one level up the command tree.
Thus, inside the team there can be nothing and it can be only in the dialog and have a description with media attachments.
Creating a bot consultant.
By creating a bot consultant you will be able to:
  • operatively and interactively give the necessary information to visitors of your resource
  • automate the interaction sequences that are assumed by the resource

Goal - saving users time
when interacting with your online projects
through automation.
Create your own VK-autoresponder.
The project will be interesting to:
  • administrators of groups and communities VKontakte
  • VKontakte users

The purpose of the project - saving users time
answering frequently asked questions
through automation.