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Creating of a bot account in the Telegram

Creation of a bot account in the Telegram is carried out using a specially designed for this Bots-constructor. To register a new bot in the system it is enough to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Open the Telegram messenger and find @BotFather in the search:
    Telegram create 1.png
  2. Select the bot and start the dialog with the command / start:
    Telegram create 2.png
  3. Create an account for our future bot - command / newbot:
    Telegram create 3.png
  4. Come up with the name of the future bot. For example, MyBooks2017:
    Telegram create 4.png
  5. Think up the login in the format bots_name_bot. For example, my_books_2017_bot:
    Telegram create 5.png
  6. In response we get tolken, which together with the invented login (in our case it's my_books_2017_bot) we will point to Editors settings.
    Telegram create 6.png

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