Mailing mechanisms

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The mechanism belongs to paid mechanisms.

In order to be able to configure this mechanism the following mechanism should be connected:

Introductory video for working with mailing mechanisms (watching the Video):

Types of Notifications

  1. Mailing to all bot subscribers (Manual mode).
  2. Mailing to all subscribers of the command (Manual mode).
  3. Mailing in response to the command to all the subscribers of the command.
  4. Mailing in response to the command to all bot subscribers.
  5. Sending an arbitrary message to the user.
  6. Mailing to bot subscribers from an external script.

Part of the mailing mechanisms (for example, the class sys_sender.php) supports Syntax of multimedia materials and text processing.

Example of using syntax:

Test sys_sender_test [b] video [/b] [smile|\ud83d\ude01] [video_telegram |]
[video_telegram ||text to video]

Sender sintax.png has a referral mechanism through which you can earn caps and spend them on your bots, fares or other mechanisms. By going to the profile editor you will see a new icon "Receive caps" . There you will receive your referral code. With each guest for this code, you will automatically be credited with 7 caps 💰. You can send the key to your friends, post it on your blog or notify people about the project in a way that is convenient for you.

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